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Bronchitis Support - This compound gives your immune system extra support during bronchial infection. The broad-spectrum herbs used in bronchitis support formula opens up sinuses and relax airways, reduce phlegm, relieves cough, and are often used to eliminate asthma and bronchitis.

Urinary Tract Caps - Over 90% of all urinary tract infections are caused by the bacteria Escherichia coli (E. coli), which is found as part of the "normal microflora" in every intestinal tract. In most cases bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethral opening, most of which are simply washed away by the down-flow of urine. E. coli, however, are covered with tiny 'finger-like' projections. At the top of these projections are amino acid/sugar complexes called "lectins" which allow the bacteria to stick to the inside walls of the urinary tract and even work their way upward. D-Mannose, a naturally occurring simple sugar, sticks to the E. coli lectins even better than the lectins stick to human cells. When a large quantity of this sugar is present in the urine, it literally coats any E. coli present so they can no longer stick to urinary tract walls and are washed away with normal urination. Only very small amounts of D-mannose are metabolized by the body. Most is excreted through the kidneys into the urine and bladder, so it doesn't interfere with blood/sugar regulation, even in diabetics. Also, since it is absorbed in the upper gastro-intestinal tract, it does not relocate "friendly" E. coli or other beneficial bacteria normally present in the colon.

BP Formula - Nutritional Support for Normal Blood Pressure, Endothelial Function and Cardiovascular Health containing Pomegranate Extract, Curcumin, Grape Seed Extract, Japanese Knotweed Root supplying Resveratrol. 120 capsules.

ClearSEE - vision support formula.

Gallbladder Formula - perfect blend of herbs to help dissolve and flush out gallstones.

Kidney Support - perfect blend of herbs to cleanse kidney

CardioCLR - Oral chelation formlation without EDTA. Oral chelation: helps prevent hardening of the arteries; helps rejuvenate your cardiovascular system; improves circulation; helps remove lead, mercury, plus 20 other metals; reduces toxic lead and metal deposits and abnormal calcium deposits; improves liver function and kidney function; helps relieve symptoms of memory loss by increasing circulation of the brain; and, helps dissolve fats in plaque lined arteries.

CleanseCLR - whole body internal cleanse.

HGH Renew - an advanced blend of HGH, L-group amino acids, and Growth Factors formulated to help you look, feel, and perform your best. Contains not only true homeopathic HGH, but also combines the six most potent Growth Factors, and 8 proven amino acid releasers all into one oral spray! An all natural formula.

Stress Support - formulated with all of the B-Complex vitamins at the optimum dosage to relieve stress.

Mood Tabs - mood relief formula represents a blend of traditional medicine and recent science. With key ingredients 5-HTP and St. John's Wort.

Colon Cleanse - colon cleansing formula.

Flexacal - a unique advanced formula especially created with you in mind. There are many joint supplements on the market today. But Flexacal is ahead of all of them because it has so many all natural herbal ingredients. These ingredients from nature are recognized by the body’s chemistry, and are easily metabolized into your system.

Mono Formula - formulated for quick and long lasting relief from mononucleosis and the epstein barr virus. (power to eliminate mononucleosis from the system)

CarboBloc - contains Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract , a derivative of the white kidney bean, works by slowing down the digestion of starch by inhibiting alpha-amylase, an enzyme that breaks down starch to be more fully absorbed by the body.

Prosacal - provides a comprehensive blend of Vitamins, minerals and standardized herbal extracts designed to support healthy prostate function.

Cystronol - an important new option for health conscious people seeking a safe, effective, and convenient way to help maintain a healthy cholesterol level without the side effects and expense of drugs.*

Crammer Shot - 2 ounce shot with extra staying power for energy and focus. May provide you the focus and extra energy to keep going for the all night cramming sessions.

WrinkleCLR - The efficacy of the product is to relax the "laugh lines" around the mouth, eyes, and forehead , and to plump up the epidermis to smooth out little wrinkles and "crow's feet". This is a long term use product and is not an instant facelift temporary product.

EnerG Plus - A safe non stimulant approach to restoring energy and feeling of well being. EnerG Plus is a perfect supplement for athletes, the elderly and all who want to restore there vigor and vitality. In addition the main ingredient in EnerG Plus is known to to maintain healthy energy levels in the heart and muscle tissues.

HoodiaActive 500mg - weight loss supplement. Hoodia fools the body into thinking that it is "satisfied" or "full". This may help curb appetite and calorie intake in the diet may be reduced.

Chá de Bugre - For centuries, Chá de Bugre has been known as a very potent weight loss aid and you can find it in pharmacies, stores and even local stalls all around Brazil. Thanks to its wide range of applications, Chá de Bugre can be found in various forms such as tea bags, tinctures and fluid extracts and from VIM in capsule form.

Water Pill - contains the essential mineral Potassium, which works with sodium to help aid in regulating the body's water balance.

Caffeine 500mg
- stay awake

Brain Power - Recommened for: thinking process, memory retention, concentration, alertness and to reduce mental tiredness.

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